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Attention Of Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Aug. 22, 2018

1. Pay attention to the state of the radiator of the Thermal Shock Test Chamber. The reason is that the dust paste condenser will cause the high voltage switch of the compressor to trip and cause false alarm. You can choose vacuum cleaner to remove the deposit on the condenser heat sink.

2. When opening or closing the test object from the furnace, pay attention to the rubber edge on the door and try not to touch it.

3. The ground around the fuselage of the unit and the bottom of the unit should be kept clean at all times to avoid inhaling a large amount of dust in these places.

4. Regularly check the main parts, such as the bump joints and welding joints of the hot and cold impact box, and the fault needs to be repaired.

5. The setting values of the two over-temperature protectors in the distribution box of the thermal shock box from Temperature Humidity Chambers Wholesaler should not be debugged casually.

6, in the shutdown state and the staff must wear dry, anti-electric, temperature-resistant gloves for pick and place products.

7. Pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the inside and outside of the impact box.

8. The distribution room should be cleaned according to the regulations and needs. When cleaning, please use the vacuum cleaner to remove the indoor dust. The outside of the cabinet must be cleaned more than once a year, and you can choose soapy water or other.

Thermal Shock Test Chamber