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How To Properly Place The Test Product In The Salt Corrosion Spray Test Chamber

Aug. 14, 2018

The principle of sample placement in the Salt Corrosion Spray Test Chamber is as follows: 

1. The sample is placed in a salt spray box with the test surface facing up, allowing the salt spray to settle freely on the test surface. The test surface cannot be directly sprayed by salt spray.

2. The angle at which the sample is placed is important. The test surface of the flat specimen is 15° to 30° in the vertical direction and 20° as much as possible. Samples with irregular surfaces (such as the entire workpiece) should also be as close as possible to the above specifications.

3. The sample shall not touch the box and shall not touch each other. The distance between the specimens shall not affect the free fall of the salt spray on the surface of the test, and the droplets on the specimen shall not fall on other specimens.

4. The sample holder from Salt Corrosion Spray Test Chamber Supplier is made of glass, plastic and other materials. The material for hanging the specimen cannot be made of metal, and rayon, cotton fiber or other insulating material must be used.

Salt Corrosion Spray Test Chamber