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Precautions When Using UV Aging Test Chamber

Aug. 04, 2018

1.Do not open the case under any circumstances unless the professional is in the state of maintenance or power off or has detailed operating procedures from UV aging test chamber supplier in the manual. Turn off the lamp power before opening the device to take out the sample.Do not wear UV protective glasses, do not look directly at the light tube

2. Don't be fooled by the cold blue appearance of the lamp or the absence of heat and visible light. QUV lighting is similar to the high-efficiency UV light source in the sun. These lamps are similar to the protective measures in sunbathing or daylight therapy. Looking directly at an uncovered tube for a few minutes may cause a smudge or eye burn, which is similar to looking directly at the sun and produces a "snow blindness" similar to that of a skier. Continued exposure to UV light can cause premature aging or permanent skin damage.

3. Sunburn and eye irritation are delayed reactions. Symptoms (pain, redness, inflammation, hot heat) are not apparent at the beginning and will not appear until 4 to 12 hours of exposure to light of UV aging test chamber.

4.After severe sunburn and eye irritation, the skin and eyes may be more sensitive to ultraviolet light, including daylight.

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