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Let's talk about Temperature Cycle Test Chamber

Jul. 30, 2018

Temperature Cycle Test Chamber include a variety of different elements, based on their type. By way of example, to efficiently alter environmental conditions inside the chamber, test chambers feature cooling methods, such as freezers and heaters. Or, to simply control temperature inside the chamber, producers comprise insulated wires and conductors. Meanwhile, to help adjust pressure, manufacturers put vacuums within pressure chambers. Other common elements include: perspectives and movie packs, stainless steel interiors, reach-in gloves for test subject handling and a variety of control systems.

Thermal Cycling Test Chambers in refrigerant-based cryogenic chambers, temperatures could go down to --184℃, with liquid nitrogen. Instead, carbon dioxide can be used as refrigerant; nonetheless, it can only achieve temperature down to --68℃.

Advantages of the Salt Corrosion Spray Test Chamber.Compact, space saving design in the laboratory.Wide range of front and top loading chambers in combination with other corrosion tests.

Thermal Cycling Test Chambers