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Instructions Of Precision Vacuum Oven

Sep. 19, 2018

The Precision Vacuum Oven is suitable for drying heat sensitive, easily decomposable and easily oxidizable materials. When the vacuum drying oven is working, the working chamber can maintain a certain degree of vacuum, and the vacuum drying tank can be filled with relevant inert gas, especially some components. Complex items can also be dried quickly.

The vacuum drying oven can extract the residual gas in the test material. If the material is heated first, the gas in the material will expand when it is heated. Due to the very good sealing of the vacuum box, the huge pressure generated by the expanding gas may cause the observation window to rupture the glass, which is a potential danger.

Moreover, the air heated in the Sterilization Oven is extracted by the vacuum pump, and the heat is transmitted to the vacuum pump, thereby causing the temperature of the vacuum pump to rise too high, which may cause the efficiency of the vacuum pump to decrease. The heated gas is conducted to the vacuum gauge. If the temperature exceeds the operating temperature range specified by the vacuum gauge, the vacuum gauge may cause an indication error.

Therefore, the correct method of use should first vacuum the vacuum oven and then heat up. After the rated temperature is reached, if the vacuum of the vacuum box is found to decrease, then add it appropriately. This is advantageous for extending the life of the vacuum box.

Precision Vacuum Oven