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Large Walk-in Vacuum Plant and System
  • Large Walk-in Vacuum Plant and System
  • Large Walk-in Vacuum Plant and System
  • Large Walk-in Vacuum Plant and System
  • Large Walk-in Vacuum Plant and System
  • Large Walk-in Vacuum Plant and System
Large Walk-in Vacuum Plant and SystemLarge Walk-in Vacuum Plant and SystemLarge Walk-in Vacuum Plant and SystemLarge Walk-in Vacuum Plant and SystemLarge Walk-in Vacuum Plant and System

Large Walk-in Vacuum Plant and System

Large Walk-in Vacuum Plant and System

Programmable Temperature.Humidity.Vacuum Test Chambers

High altitude low pressure (Vacuum) simulation test chamber

Altitude test chamber

Grande can provide custom-built chambers for simultaneous testing of temperature and low-pressure altitude conditions. Two common applications are:

· Testing of avionics or other aerospace equipment to simulate actual conditions it might experience.

· Simulation of high-altitude conditions like might be found in mountainous regions.

NOTE: Altitude test chambers are custom systems, and differing requirements may significantly change the cost and utility requirements. Please let Grande know as much detail as possible about your anticipated testing specification/method, and we can provide you with a tailored system for your requirements.

Vacuum Plant and System Video

Product Details


· Temperature range from -160,-150,-120,-100,-80,-70,-60,-40-20,0℃~+150,200,250,300,400,500,600700,800,900,1000

· Altitude range from ground to 100,000 feet,or Atmospheric pressure0KPA;-101KPa;-106KPa;133pa,0pa;-0.1MPA;0mmHg;0.05Torr

· Optional humidity control when altitude system is off

· Chamber interior size specified by customer

· Automatic altitude control, integrated with temperature controller
       —No manual setting of altitude level!

· Vacuum pump sized for climb/dive rate required by application

· Viewing window and cable ports available

Corresponding Standard of the Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber:

1.GB10590-89  Low-temperature and low atmospheric pressure testing condition

2.GB10591-89 High-temperature and low atmospheric pressure testing condition

3. GB11159-89 low atmospheric pressure technical condition

4. GB/T2423.25-1992 Low-temperature and low atmospheric pressure test chamber

5. GB/T2423.26-1992 High-temperature and low atmospheric pressure test chamber

6.GJB150.2-86 High-temperature and low atmospheric pressure(Altitude) test

7,IEC60068-2-1.1990 Testing methods of Low-temperature test chambers

8,IEC60068-2-2.1974 Testing methods of High-temperature test chambers


10,ASTM D2436

11,JIS K7212

12,DIN 50011


14,Mil-Std 202G (conditions 105C, A/B/C/F)

15,Mil-Std 810G (condition 500.5)

16,IEC 60068-2-39

17,IEC 60068-2-40


19,JIS W 0812

Technical parameters:

Model No  GTHV-150GTHV-225GTHV-408GTHV-800GTHV-1000
Working room(L)1502254088001000
Inner chamber size(mm)W*H*D 500*600*500500*750*600600*850*8001000*1000*8001000*1000*1000
Exterior chamber size(mm)W*H*D1000*1600*14001000*1750*15001100*1850*17001500*2000*17001850*1600*2250
Packaging volume(CBM)
PerformanceTemperature range-160℃,-150℃,-120℃,-100℃,-80℃,-70℃,-60℃,-40℃-20℃,0℃~+150℃,200℃,250℃,300℃,400℃,500℃,600℃700℃,800℃,900℃,1000℃
Testing temperature range-160℃,-150℃,-120℃,-100℃,-80℃,-70℃,-60℃,-40℃-20℃,0℃~+150℃,200℃,250℃,300℃,400℃,500℃,600℃700℃,800℃,900℃,1000℃
Humidity range20%RH ~98%RH(10%RH ~98%RH or 5%RH ~98%RH)
Temp.fluctuation±0.5℃(Room pressure)
Temp.accuracy±2.0℃(Room pressure)
Heating up time≤60min(+20℃~+150℃、RP、No-Load)
Cooling down time≤45min(RP)≤60min(RP)≤90min(RP)
Pressure rangeAtmospheric pressure~0KPA;-101KPa;-106KPa;~133pa,0pa;~-0.1MPA;~0mmHg;0.05Torr
Final Vacuum1,No loading,≧1*10-5Pa2,Loading,≧1*10-4Pa。
Pressure control tolerance±0.1kPa(≤2kPa),±5%(2kPa~40kPa),±2kPa(≥40kPa)
Depressurization time≤20min≤25min≤30min≤45min≤50min
Working environmentTemp:+5℃~+35℃;Humidity:≤90%RH;Air pressure:86-106kPa
MaterialExterior chamber materiaStainless steel plate+ powder coated
Inner chamber materiaSUS#304 stainless steel plate
Insulation MaterialPU Fiberglass wool
SystemAir circulation systemCooling fan
Heating SystemSUS#304 stainless steel high-speed heater
Humidification systemImported compressor,Tecumseh compressor(or Bizer Compressor),finned type evaporator,air(Water)-cooling condenser
Dehumidification systemADP critical dew point cooling/dehumidifying method
Vaccuum systemEquipped with vacuum pump
Controlling systemTEMI880,990
Power kw810121520
Water supplyWater temperature:≤30℃;water pressure:0.2~0.4MPa;flow rate:≥10T/h 
Other componentsSpecimen holders 2pcs,electrical wire 1pc(3M),pressure testing port.
Safety protection deviceOver-heat protection circuit breaker,Compressor overload protection,Control system overload protection,Humidifying system overload protection,Overload indicator lamp.
Power supplyAC 3Ψ380V 60/50Hz
Customized serviceWelcome to Non-standard,Specail requirements,OEM/ODM orders.

Optional accessories

1,Low Humidity and Dehumidifying sytstem.

2,Inner glass door with manual operating ports.


4,Pure water treatment device5,RS-485 interface can be linked to Personal computer(PC) and achieve multi-level control & recording software management.

6,Liquid nitrogen(LN2)/Liquid Carbon Dioxide(LCO2) fast cooling-down system.