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Three Zone Thermal Shock Test Chamber Will Be Very Popular In 2018

Jul. 25, 2018

So why does the hot and cold shock become the hot-selling environment equipment of all production companies in 2018?

Mainly because of the strict evaluation and review of the quality of the products, now the quality and performance are highly valued both at home and abroad. The performance and quality of the products can be said to be the long-term survival of each three zone thermal shock test chamber wholesaler. Our three-box type has achieved unprecedented technical breakthroughs in the country, and it has reached the big challenge of only 23 seconds in temperature shock. Currently, only one of us can complete it in China. This is a strict and demanding one. The experimental conditions, no matter what kind of product you are, as long as your product can withstand 1200 cycles in such an environment, the quality and performance of the product have not been damaged, then congratulations, your product is qualified, And the life expectancy will not be less than 10 years. If after one or two cycles, the quality of the product will be cracked or can not be used and deformed, then your product needs innovation and reform. Because the thermal shock can replace many strict and demanding experimental conditions, buying a hot and cold shock will bring more customers and profits to each production company, so the lead sales of the three zone thermal shock test chamber is just the time problem.

Three Zone Thermal Shock Test Chamber