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An introduction of Grande temperature cycle test chamber

Apr. 14, 2018

The Grande temperature cycle test chambers have temperature change speeds from 5 to 20°C per minute. Additionally, controlled humidity from 10 to 95 percent is an accessible feature. They're compact, requiring the least amount of floor space for this degree of performance.

These thermal cycling test chambers are designed for serviceability and security.

For safety and worldwide compliance, Global-N series are UL 508A accredited or CE-marked.

The refrigeration service panels are hinged for quick access. Analog refrigeration gauges help you track system performance and pinpoint support requirements.

The fully-integrated system controller offers alarms messages with special troubleshooting help to rapidly resume testing.

Standard characteristics of thermal cycling test chambers:

• Stainless steel exterior and interior.

• Foam-insulated doorway for rigidity and long life.

• High performance refrigeration utilizing reliable Scroll.

• Compressors (except -15NW models).

• Hinged support panels for Simple access.

• Particular non-metalic thermal breaks round the doorframe And cable ports.

• Specimen electricity relay for interlocking test samples or External devices to chamber power for security.

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