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Maintanence Of Precision Vacuum Oven

Sep. 06, 2018

1. Place Precision Vacuum Oven on the dry floor and work surface in the room.

2. A knives or air switch should be installed in the power supply line for the purpose of this box, and use a wire that is twice as thick as the cross-sectional area of the power line as the grounding line.

3. Before powering on, check the electrical performance of the box first, and pay attention to whether there is open circuit or leakage.

4. When everything is ready, put in the test sample, close the door, and open the exhaust valve if necessary. The gap is about 10mm.

5. After connecting the power supply, you can turn on the heating switch, and the drying box will set the temperature setting dial to the desired working temperature value. 6. When the temperature rises to the required working temperature, turn to the green light to turn off, and then fine-tune to the green light to re-bright. At this point, the indicator light is alternately turned off, which is the constant temperature point. At this time, the knob can be fine-tuned to the green light to be extinguished. Keep it constant (it is likely that the temperature will continue to rise at constant temperature, which is the effect of residual heat, which will be stable in about half an hour). When the temperature in the working chamber is stable (the so-called "constant temperature state"), the temperature controller can be slightly adjusted to improve the accuracy of the temperature control. Any operating temperature can be selected by this method.

7. When the Tunnel Oven is kept at a constant temperature, the drying box should be closed with a high temperature switch, leaving only one set of electric heaters to work, so as to avoid excessive power and affect the constant temperature accuracy. When the working temperature is less than 150 °C, only one set of heaters should be operated, and the high temperature switch should be turned off. 

Precision Vacuum Oven