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How does the liquid thermal shock test chamber work?

Mar. 31, 2018

Liquid thermal shock test chamber applies thermal shocks to test samples by alternately immersing them in a high- and low-temperature liquid medium. Since a liquid is used as the thermal medium, this type of testing can attain a sharper temperature variation rate than air to air thermal shock testing.

The expansion and contraction caused by the temperature variation generate stress from differences in the expansion rates of parts made of different bonded materials. Repeated stress causes accumulated fatigue, leading to cracks and rupturing.

The repeated action of stress causes accumulation of material fatigue, sometimes leading to rupturing at a lower strength than the static strength.

Repeated stress can also cause coatings to peel and screws to loosen.

Liquid to liquid thermal shock tests require caution since it can apply temperature variations that are excessively large in comparison to the various temperature variations encountered in the market, and so doesn't simulate market failures. But it is an effective thermal shock-based method of finding weaknesses.

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How does the liquid thermal shock test chamber work?