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The applications of environmental test chamber

May. 18, 2018

Environmental test chambers, also known as climatic simulation test chambers. Environmental test chambers allow researchers to use a wide variety of test methods and tests. Such tests are related to circumstances like: sudden environmental temperature change and temperature extremes, humidity and moisture, salt spray, UV rays, airborne and structural vibrations, corrosion, EMI and more. Researchers may also use test chambers to conduct overall durability testing. Using test results, researchers can predict potential useful lifespan, tweak product formulas and fix errors before a product goes to market.

Products you may use every day undergo this testing. Examples include: car parts, cell phones and other electronics, kitchen appliances, makeup, and hand soap. Some of those countless industries that rely on environmental testing include: medicine, pharma, food processing, food packaging, consumer goods and services, automotive, engineering, and construction.

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The applications of environmental test chamber