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Drop Tester
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  • Drop Tester
  • Drop Tester
  • Drop Tester
  • Drop Tester
Drop TesterDrop TesterDrop TesterDrop TesterDrop Tester

Drop Tester

Drop Tester is used to determine the effect of impact on the package during use, transportation, loading and unloading. The strictly designed GRANDE“1G+”ensures its accuracy. Apart from accurate plane fall test, it can also perform edge and corner drop test to make a complete evaluation on the performance of packaging and product. 

Product Details


●Satisfy and even beyond GB, IEC, ASTM, ISTA and other industrial standards;

●Can per surfaces, corner and edge drop;

●Precise guiding system and is driven pneumatically;

●Unique swing arm structural design, escape acceleration of the swing arm detachment greater than 3G;

●With double column guide, hydraulic buffer absorb the force of the swing arm, the movement is stable, reliable and with low noise;

●Self-locking screw in lifting mechanism to prevent accidental downward glide;

●Automatic pneumatic interlocks to prevent abnormal detachment of swing arm;

●Extensible support bracket and bottom slab.

Technical Parameters:

Drop Height(mm)300~1500300~2000
Payload Capacity(kg)8585
Package Size(mm)800×800×800800×800×800
Drop ModeFree Fall Drop
Machine Size(mm)1000*1500*21001200*1700*2600
Machine Weight(kg)480550
Power/Air SupplyAC110/220V 50/60Hz (Compressed Air)0.5~0.7Mpa
Applicable StandardsISO2248-72(E)GB/T4857.5 JISZ0202-87 IEC68-2-27