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Vacuum Oven
  • Vacuum Oven
  • Vacuum Oven
  • Vacuum Oven
  • Vacuum Oven
  • Vacuum Oven
  • Vacuum Oven
Vacuum OvenVacuum OvenVacuum OvenVacuum OvenVacuum OvenVacuum Oven

Vacuum Oven

Vacuum Oven

Vac Oven

Vacuum Drying Oven

Vacuum Chamber

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Product Details

Indoor temperature+10℃~50℃,100℃,150℃,200℃,250℃,300℃,350℃,500℃,600℃,700℃,800℃,900℃,1000℃,1200℃,1400℃,1600℃,1800℃,2000℃,2500℃,

3000℃, Customization is available.

Vacuum Limit: Atmospheric pressure~1kPa;~133Pa,100Pa;1Pa;0.1Pa;~-0.1MPa;~0.1mmHg;0.05Torr;1*10-5Pa;1*10-7mbar
Attractive appearance,widely use,Safe and reliable
Vacuum Oven is Widely used in biochemicalm,chemical and pharmaceutical,health care,agricultural research,environmental protection and other research applications for power drying and roasting,as well as disinfection and sterilization of glass containers used.Particularly suitable for drying heat-sensitive, easily decomposed,and the complex composition of easily oxidized material items for fast and efficient drying.
Especially designed for drying heat-sensitive, easy-to-decompose and easy-to-oxidize substances, it is able to inject inert gas internally, in Particular, it can even dry the substances with complex ingredients fast. It is widely used in electronic and chemical industries.

High quality materials,Good sealed,Convenient and Practical

Material of outer case The housing is processed and formed with high-quality (t=1.2mm) A3 color plates through CNC machine with surface sprayed with plastics, looking smoother and more artistic;Material of inner case Imported high-grade stainless steel (SUS304 or SUS316L).
Special structure,Durable and operate easily
The tension of closed chamber door can be adjusted, and integral-formed silicone rubber seal can ensure high vacuum degree inside the chamber.
Door handle: The door handle without counteraction for easy operation.High performance,efficiency and speedIntroducing IR Ni-Cr alloy high-speed heating electric heater 
Totally independent high-temperature system shall not affect low temperature test, high temperature test and alternating hot and humid test. 
The output power of temperature & humidity control shall be calculated by micro computer to achieve electricity use benefits of high precision and high efficiency.


Custom-made feedthoughs and Options are acceptable.Drawing and Pictures for reference only.

Optional accessories

USB,RS-485 interface can be linked to Personal computer(PC) and achieve multi-level control & recording software management.

Technical Parameters:

Model NoGVO-072GVO-100GVO-270GVO-480GVO-600GVO-720GVO-1000
Inner chamber size(mm)W*H*D 450*400*400400*500*500600*750*600800*800*7501000*800*7501000*720*10001000*1000*1000
Exterior chamber size(mm)W*H*D900*1550*550900*1650*8001100*1600*6501200*1700*8401400*1750*8401750*1750*12001750*1750*1500
Temperature rangeRT+10℃~+150℃,200℃,300℃,350℃,500℃,600℃,700℃,800℃,900℃,1000℃,1200℃,1400℃,1600℃,1800℃,2000℃,2500℃,3000℃,Customization is available
Vacuum LimitAtmospheric pressure~1kPa;~133Pa,100Pa;1Pa;0.1Pa;~-0.1MPa;~0.1mmHg; 0.05Torr; 1*10-5Pa; 1*10-7mbar
Final Vacuum1,No loading,≧1*10-5Pa2,Loading,≧1*10-4Pa.
PerformanceTemperature fluctuation±0.5℃
Temperature UniformityAtmospheric pressure:±2℃.1kPa Vacuum state:±10℃.(Options:±5℃,±10℃,±15℃,±30℃)
Temperature resolution0.1℃
Heating up timeRT+10℃~250℃<90min(Nonlinear,No load), RT+10℃~400℃<120min(Nonlinear,No load) 
MaterialExterior chamber materiaStainless steel plate+ Power Coated
Inner chamber materialSUS#304 Stainless Steel Heater, Molybdenum / Isostatic Graphite,Infrared Heating Array,Infrared Heating Cage
Insulation MaterialPU& Fiberglass wool (Option Water Insulation or Water Cooling)
Systemcirculation system1.UHV Magnetic Motor & Fans(Options) 2.Multi-wing centrifugal circulating fan,strengthen axis and hot cold resistance  rotary vane  make of aluminum alloy,in order to forced convection.4.FLOW THROW Air Supply Method,level diffuse vertical heat exchange arc circulation.4.Program automatic control high speed air cylinder drive high low temperature air supply valve conversion.
Heating systemSUS#304 stainless steel high-speed heater
Controller7Inch or 15 Inch TH5600 PID PLC ControllerPopular PID PLC controller with touch-screen operationStores 120 different profiles with up to 1200 steps each (ramp, soak, jump, auto-start, end)Step types include: ramp, soak, jump, auto-start, and endEthernet interface for remote monitoring and operation, RECOMMENDED OPTIONS: Dry air purge, to compensate for quickly shrinking air during cooling, as well as to reduce risk of condensation.Product temperature control, allows feedback from a second sensor on the product. Ensures faster completion of transition steps.Options(Siemens or Mitsubishi PLC)
Vaccuum system

Equipped with vacuum pum

pMicro Dry Pump

Oiled Sealed Vacuum Pump

Dual Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Dry PumpRoots Pump

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Diffusion pump 

Molecular Pump

Cryo PumpIon Pump

Central Vacuum Unit.,etc

Other Componentscontrol status indicator lights, loading shelves(2pcs for free)
Safety protection deviceOver-heat protection circuit breaker,Control system overload protection,Overload indicator lamp.
Power SupplyAC 1Ψ 110V;AC 1Ψ 220V;3Ψ380V 60/50Hz 
Customized serviceWelcome to Non-standard and Special requirements,OEM/ODM orders.Customization of inner chamber size, temperature&humidity range,etc.
The technical information will be subjected to change without notice